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Reduce anxiety

This can take the form of generalised anxiety, panic attacks, irrational fears, phobias, lack of confidence or overwhelming stress and pressure. You will be given an understanding of what is causing these feelings and you will be shown how to overcome them allowing you to quickly regain control of your life. All can be treated swiftly by any HG therapist.

Break the cycle of depression

When we are stressed, our sleep pattern is disturbed and instead of waking refreshed in the mornings, we quite often waken feeling worse. We then start the day on the wrong foot and needless to say accumulate further emotional stress throughout the day resulting in even more disturbance in our sleep pattern. Soon we are either not sleeping at all, or else, we are sleeping exhaustively, yet still un-refreshingly. We call this the cycle of depression. Any HG therapist can help you to quickly break this vicious circle and restore you to normal emotional health.

Resolve trauma

Trauma is very personal. If two people undergo the same event one may be traumatised and the other not. Often although we are traumatised at the time of an event, we do not take action, expecting the effects to calm down or simply go away.

Unfortunately, a truly traumatic event will often remain with us for many years unless dealt with properly. When the traumatic event has happened in the distant past, it often surprises people to find out that their current behaviour or distress is related to that same event.

Whether the trauma is recent or in the distant past, Human givens therapists can treat PTSD effectively and quickly.

Help you stop inappropriate anger

Anger-disorders can be very disruptive often leading to violence and criminality. It also increases stress and can damage health. It is a major contributor in relationship breakdowns and can cause enormous misery among relatives, colleagues and even innocent bystanders.

Anger is most frequently an unconscious pattern-match between a current event and a past emotionally upsetting memory. HG therapy very quickly identifies the cause of the anger and alleviates the problem. Often even life-long anger can be resolved in just a few visits.

Stop addictive behaviour

Providing the person wants to make the effort to stop, all forms of addiction can be helped.

All human beings have the ability to become addicted, but where our needs are being met in a balanced way we are not as susceptible to addiction. To put it very simply, when life gets us down and we are distressed, we are at risk.

An HG therapist will use several techniques to help you refocus attention and skills on having these unmet needs satisfied, so that the addiction can be quickly brought under control.

Relieve medical conditions

Many conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain and migraine, have an emotional component. Stressful events often trigger an outbreak because emotions affect health and vice versa. An HG therapist will quickly help you to identify and deal with whatever stress levels are in your current lifestyle, allowing the body to restore your physical health more quickly.

Harmonise relationships

Relationship difficulties are often self-perpetuating because our beliefs and reactions to one another trigger patterns of behaviour which stop us solving them. These patterns of behaviour are often learned either in our formative years as we grow up, or perhaps in previous relationships. Either way, they can be very destructive in a current relationship.

Sometimes couples get to a point where they do not know if they want to stay together or not. An HG therapist will help each individual identify their needs and how well they are currently being met by their partner, and help them plan a future course of action.


We all use distraction to avoid things at times in life. An OCD sufferer is doing the same thing that we all do, but is doing it excessively. The case for each individual is different but there are some common themes such as an earlier-childhood disturbing event, current life stresses or pending future events, and quite often there are important needs not being met in the individuals life. You may or may not be consciously aware of any of these potential causes, however your unconscious certainly knows. After all, itís causing the behaviour in the first place.

An HG therapist will help you to identify what the likely cause of your OCD is and help you alleviate the behaviours where possible, while teaching you self-control techniques in the form of a survival kit, to limit the behaviours and reduce the impact OCD is having on your life.

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