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We are emotional beings

We live our lives on an emotional spectrum which varies constantly from hour to hour, day to day, and when our lives are in reasonable control in a balanced way, we call these variations moods.

When our lives are not satisfying in a balanced way, and we are also under additional pressure in life and we call this stress.

Then if our situation worsens, we become emotionally distressed and we call this anxiety, depression, panic, rage, tearfulness when we cannot concentrate or make decisions, may be irritable or angry, weepy or sad, do not sleep well, lose interest even in enjoyable things. We despair and lose hope.

These are all NORMAL human responses when we are overcome by life. These responses tell us to pay attention and DO SOMETHING!! (but are not designed to tell us what!!)

Emotional Capacity

Red Zone - Distressed
This is an extremely uncomfortable range to be in. We will have several major life issues and will be struggling simply to get out of bed. Everyone around us will be aware we are struggling and can no longer keep it hidden.

Yellow Zone - Stressed
This is an uncomfortable range to be in. Typically we will be coping with several real life difficulties (bereavement, illness, family issues, redundancy) and inwardly struggling while outwardly appearing to be fine (only those closest to you will notice)

Green Zone - Emotionally healthy
This is the normal range of daily emotional capacity we are designed to handle. When we are in this zone we are confident, rational and have the full use of whatever lifetime skills and knowledge we have accumulated.

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