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Emotional distress

We all come across this in life. Often we cope - sometimes we need a little help. Sometimes life is particularly hard - either we are victims of our upbringing or of our own mistakes. On occasion things just happen outside of our direct control, and we struggle to cope.

Then there are times when we are under enormous pressure at work or at home and we simply cannot seem to keep our heads above water, at times just making it through the day is a real achievement.

Many of us feel trapped or stuck at times, perhaps because we have made one or more poor decisions in the past. Maybe we have a pending decision, but cannot accept the consequences of either alternative, yet are struggling with the results of indecision.

Occasionally we simply struggle, we suddenly start thinking or behaving strangely for no obvious reason, we just do.

All of these events increase the emotional distress levels in our lives, we begin to feel, think and behave differently, and not usually for the better.

We call these conditions many things, depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, psychosis, relationship issues, family matters, phobias, excessive jealousy, anger or rage, trauma, abuse, OCD, addictions, self harm, anti-social behaviour, suicidal thoughts.

These can ALL be greatly helped by Human Givens Therapy.

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